Judge Dismisses Google Privacy Case


GoogleA federal court in California has again dismissed a class action lawsuit brought by Google users who claimed the search giant broke the law when it combined the privacy policies of Gmail, YouTube and a variety of other services. In a decision published Tuesday in San Jose, US Magistrate Judge Paul Grewal used frank language to shoot down the lawsuit: “[He] must do more than point to the dollars in a defendant’s pocket; he must sufficiently allege that in the process he lost dollars of his own,” wrote Grewal, explaining that the users had failed to show that Google had harmed them in any meaningful way. Grewal also noted that users in the Google case, and in a stack of similar cases over data privacy, faced a legal hurdle called “injury-in-fact” that the judge said could “reasonably be described as Kilimanjaro.”

Read the full story at Giga OM.

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