PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4A quick update on the state of PlayStation 4 sales, since everyone’s watching this closely, and the numbers keep rising at record rates: After I broke down a questionable demographic report on Black Friday console sales in the U.S. yesterday morning, Sony released updated sales figures for the PS4 worldwide. The new figure: 2.1 million units sold. You’ll recall Sony sold one million PS4s during the system’s initial 24 hours (in the U.S. and Canada alone), after which the signal went dark for a bit — until last week, when the system launched in Europe: In the U.K. alone, the PS4 sold 250,000 units (according to MCV), which apparently broke all prior console launch sales records in that country’s history. Add everything up, and Sony’s new 2.1 million units sales figure includes 700,000 units sold-through (“through” meaning into customer hands, as opposed to shipped to stores — a crucial distinction) in Europe and Australasia, where the PS4 launched on November 29.

Read the full story at TIME.

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