TellSpecToday there are wearable trackers available for just about every move you make and step you take. Almost. If there’s a missing link, it’s the ability to track all the food that enters a person’s mouth. Dieters are stuck tediously logging their eating habits. TellSpec, a device that’s quickly raising money on Indiegogo, claims to be that missing link and more. With a wave of the hand, the device can reportedly calculate all the calories, ingredients, chemicals, and allergens in any given piece of food. Developed by entrepreneur Isabel Hoffman and York University math professor Stephen Watson, TellSpec is a raman spectrometer (the same kind of technology used in Jack Andraka’s $15 cancer-detecting device) that uses an algorithm to calculate what’s in your food. Hoffman first came up with the idea because of her young daughter, who experienced mysterious physical symptoms that were caused by allergens.

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