Google Glass

Google GlassGoogle has been saying for some time now that it would eventually bring prescription lens support to its Glass headsets, but so far, there hasn’t been any word as to when that might come. “Sergey [Brin] dropped this on us in 2012 at I/O,” Tim Moore, director of technology at Rochester Optical, tells The Verge. “It’s been 18 months later, and nothing’s really happened.” Moore says that Rochester Optical is trying to fill the gap that Google has so far been ignoring, and as an 80-year-old eyewear company, that shouldn’t be too hard for it to do. Though a number of reports circulated last week that Rochester Optical and Google were working together to make this happen, that’s not the case. The company has four Explorer Edition headsets, but Google tells us that they have no sort of partnership. While Moore happily reiterates this, you couldn’t be faulted for reading Rochester Optical’s press release and thinking that some sort of deal was in place.

Read the full story at The Verge.

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