ComcastWe may be living in an era of growing gigabit connections, but Comcast will not go gently into that dark night of broadband-only subscriptions replacing its lucrative triple play. The nation’s largest broadband provider (with 20 million subscribers) appears to be rolling out a trial plan that offers a 300 GB cap on service with a $10 overage fee for every 50 GB above that. Or put another way, Comcast wants to charge 20 cents per gigabyte when it comes to overage fees, which translates roughly into 40 cents per hour of HD television streamed via the internet. That might not be enough to stop you from watching Netflix, but at least Comcast makes a little more off the transaction. Depending on speeds you might pay more or less than this before you hit the cap. Basically what Comcast is doing here is threefold.

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