Tesla Explains Cause Behind Model S Fire

Tesla Motors

Tesla MotorsTesla founder Elon Musk has posted a detailed explanation about the Model S accident that set the vehicle on fire last week. Tesla’s stock experienced high volatility after a video of the incident was uploaded to YouTube. In August, Tesla had trumpeted its car as having the highest safety rating ever, noting at the time that no production Tesla vehicle had experienced a fire. Unfortunately, the company won’t be able to use that line anymore, but Musk has spoken out in hopes of setting the record straight about what happened. Tesla maintains that the vehicle in question struck a large piece of metal that popped under the car and punctured its armor. Due to the impact, one of the battery’s 16 fire walled sections ignited. When firefighters arrived, they punctured the firewall in order to gain access to the fire, causing the fire to vent upward. Musk noted that the fire at no point reached the passenger compartment.

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