Honeywell Smart Thermostat

Honeywell Smart ThermostatWith people plugging more and more devices into the power grid, public utilities across the country are finding it increasingly difficult to effectively manage during peak demand. Honeywell’s line of Wi-Fi-connected smart thermostats are now doing their part to help. These events are actually quite preventable, were everybody in the community on-board with making small adjustments to their power usage during these peak times—say during a heatwave when everybody has their A/C turned up to 11. If enough folks raise their homes’ temperature by just a few degrees, rolling blackouts can be averted. Honeywell’s line of Wi-Fi connected smart thermostats will soon do their part to help keep the lights on by alerting users to these Demand Response energy events. They might even help you save a few bucks off your next utility bill.

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