Flight Seats

Flight SeatsGot a 5 hour flight but only an hour or two worth of battery left on your gadgets? Depending on your airline, you may have a power outlet or USB port in your seat. Here’s how to find out which planes have some extra juice to give. Of course, to avoid this problem, you should always charge up your gadgets before you leave. If you use them in the airport, try to grab an outlet to stay charged—bringing a power strip with you will help a lot (and make you some friends along the way). A good external battery pack can go a long way, too. However, if you need an outlet, many airlines offer options, so just like we did with Wi-Fi, let’s take a look at some of the most popular US airlines and what they offer. If you want to get an idea of which airlines offer power outlets before you start booking, here’s a list of the most popular US airlines with some details.

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