AT&TWhile AT&T’s Mobile Share plans were introduced more than a year ago, the company continued to offer more traditional individual plans — users could pick from a few buckets of minutes, opt-in for unlimited texts or not, and pick from different data bucket sizes. However, the carrier is now following in Verizon’s footsteps and eliminating all plans except Mobile Share. Even if you’re an individual user with only one device, your only option is to get a line with unlimited voice minutes and texts and then add a data bucket. That makes AT&T’s cheapest smartphone plan $70 a month, but it only gets you a paltry 300MB of data every month. Stepping up to 2GB, which was the “standard” individual data bucket when AT&T killed unlimited plans a few years ago, will cost you $95 per month. Splitting the difference is an $85 / month 1GB plan, and AT&T includes options up to a whopping 50GB per month.

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