Spy Photo

Spy PhotoThere used to be a time when observing a top secret military base in one of the world’s biggest and most powerful countries would have required cutting-edge technology, scaling a fence or two-dozen, and more guts than any reasonable (or sane) person should have. Today, all you need is Google. According to Time, an eagle-eyed blogger has spied what appears to be the site where China is putting together its very first home-built aircraft carrier. Jeffrey Lin, a graduate student at George Washington University, managed to pull together the information by trolling through a handful of blogs and analyzing pictures snapped on smartphones by ordinary folks intrigued by the strange pieces of metal and machinery they’ve seen rumbling by. Now this opens up a whole new paradigm. It used to by spy vs. spy. Now it’s spy vs… everyone.

Read the full story and see the photos at Time.

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