Sony Xperia Z1

Sony Xperia Z1Sony has officially introduced the Xperia Z1, a 5-inch smartphone that will arrive running Android 4.3 and is made out of a solid one-piece aluminium frame. It can also survive being dropped in the sink. The device was heavily teased by Sony leading up to the event at IFA, but the device maker held back on sharing specific details until Wednesday. Sony has followed the lead of several other mobile device makers like HTC and Nokia in attempting to make the Z1 stand out from the crowd with the quality of the camera. To that end, there’s a 20.7-megapixel G-Series sensor buried away, which will (naturally) support full HD video and stills. It will also support features like Social life which will allow streaming direct to Facebook in real-time, Timeshift burst which can take 61 images in 2 seconds and allow the user to choose the best (30 before the shutter press, 30 after), Info-eye and AR Effect.

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