World’s Largest Walking Robot Breathes Fire


DragonIf you’re going to make the world’s largest walking robot, you might as well go for broke. That’s what Zollner Elektronik AG — a firm out of Germany — did when it unveiled “Tradinno,” its 11-ton, 51 foot, winged, fire breathing dragon powered by a 2 liter turbo diesel engine. Now the real question is, “Why?” Well, because it’s freaking awesome of course! The behemoth is a show-bot above all else — meant to star alongside human actors in recreations of classic German myths and fairytales. To help it do that it carries polyurethane, glass and plastic skin, gallons of stage blood that it can bleed on cue, and of course the canisters of gas that allow it to shoot fireballs. How’d you like to have one of these for Halloween?

Read the full story and check out the video on NBC News.

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