Chris Kluwe

Chris KluweI have heard it said that some bar owners are quite prepared to walk up to anyone wearing Google Glass and smack them quite hard. This might seem a trifle antisocial. There again, that’s been said of Google Glass. And yet there seems to be a place where a touch of Google Glass violence might actually be legal, and even welcome. It’s called the NFL. Oakland Raiders punter Chris Kluwe is one of those who is a Google Glass Explorer. So he’s been wearing his glasses at training camp and shooting scenes from the life of one of the few members of the team desperate not to get hit. Oddly, though, he believes that Google’s glasses can withstand a hit. He told Forbes that he’s actually hit a couple of players in drills, while be-Glassed. Some might offer that the impact of being hit by a punter resembles that of being hit by a Prada clutch. (Of course that’s happened to me. It was, apparently, an accident.)

Read the full story at CNET.

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