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Buying a new PC can help you avoid spending THREE DAYS per year, waiting for your PC to boot up.

Do you turn on your computer and then leave to go get a cup of coffee while you wait for the system to respond so you can start your day? Do you stare at the hourglass while photos or videos download?

If so, you are not alone. Americans using four-year-old (or older) personal computers (PCs) are frustrated by their current technology. Why? Because, according to a recent IDC survey sponsored by Intel, they are spending 13 minutes each day (or 3 days per year) waiting. Waiting for their PC to perform basic functions such as booting up, loading Web pages and powering down.

IDC conducted an online study to explore Americans’ digital dependence and tech reliance. The results were based on the responses of nearly 4,000 PC owners, split into two groups – half who purchased their PC in the past year and half who have owned the same PC for more than four years.

The report showed that while Americans certainly ‘like’ new mobile gadgets such as smartphones and tablets, they ‘love’ their PC. In fact, the survey showed that 97 percent of households confirmed that the PC is their primary computing device and 83 percent rely on their PC above any other computing device when it comes to productivity. Americans are also quite dependent, opting to give up what IDC calls the “5Cs” – crunches (73 percent), chocolate (71 percent), caffeine (65 percent), cable television (59 percent) and cars (33 percent) – before giving up their PC for just one week.

The report revealed that Americans want new, faster and more exciting technology at a reasonable price. Four out of ten Americans plan to purchase a new PC in the next year, and over half of millennials and parents plan to do the same. The timing has never been better to upgrade.

New Intel-powered two-in-one devices are coming to market now. Not only can you upgrade your PC by purchasing a system that has the latest and greatest “brains” (fourth-generation Intel Core processors) inside to improve performance and extend battery life to keep you connected on the go, but now you no longer have to choose between laptop and tablet – you can have both, in a single device. These new systems boast epic battery life (more than 9 hours), a quicker boot up time, amazing graphics and many are even enabled with touchscreen capabilities.

Say goodbye to the spinning hourglass and stop waiting for your old technology to catch up with your life by refreshing with a new PC.

About Jessica Hansen

Jessica Hansen is a consumer education spokesperson with Intel Corporation's Global Communications Group. Connect with her on Twitter @JessicaLHansen


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