DropboxDropbox co-founder and CEO Drew Houston occupies a funny reality. On one hand, as he readily admits, he works on cloud storage — boring and geeky stuff. On the other hand, when Dropbox works, people can’t stop talking about how much they love it. The company has 175 million registered users who save more than one billion files every 24 hours. On Tuesday, at his company’s first developer conference, DBX, in San Francisco, Houston unveiled a bunch of announcements that sound ultra-techie on the face of things, but extend his product into places that many of those users may see and appreciate. Dropbox’s new Datastore API will allow users to store and sync any kind of application data — that includes game states, contacts and to-do lists. So when you make your to-do list on your iPad while commuting on the train, and then open your computer at home, it will be synced with all your Dropbox-enabled apps on that device.

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