PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4The new PlayStation 4 may look similar to Microsoft’s new Xbox One console, but Sony has put a clear line in the sand between its rival after announcing that the PS4 will cost $399 — $100 cheaper than Microsoft’s Xbox One — while there will be no restrictions on used games, and the console will not require an Internet connection. Speaking at E3, the company is playing for an initial price advantage over its console gaming rival by setting the PS4 at $399, that’s $100 cheaper than the Xbox. However, importantly, there is no confirmed release date; the Xbox One will arrive this November with a price of $499, initially going on sale in 21 markets, costing €499 in Europe and £429 in the UK. Sony has also confirmed two other important facts about the PS4, that will not impose restrictions on used games while users will not need to check in online in order to play.

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