microSD sized Voice and SMS Scrambler Protects Voice, Data and Text Communications

TUSTIN, Calif., July 19th, 2011 – Today GOTrust Technology Inc. announced a complete family of affordable, internationally certified, Military Strength, Voice and SMS Hardware Encryption Scramblers for Android Smartphones and tablet PCs, as well as Windows Notebooks. The Scrambler processor is the shape of a microSD module and plugs directly into existing Smartphones (not special phones, the phones need no modification) or Windows PCs. The powerful processor encrypts voice, SMS texts, address books, instant messaging, call history and data; providing unmatched mobile user privacy and completely preventing snooping, Trojan and hacking attacks. Because all the communication is encrypted and decrypted inside the microSD scrambler and nothing is processed inside the phone, Users are safe from Hackers, Corporate Spies and unscrupulous Private Detectives.

KingCall-Android: Voice scrambling between private groups of Android Smartphone and Tablet PC Users for less than $38 per user-month. Groups can be as small as two people or communities of many thousands. Ideal for high profile personalities, boards of directors, road warriors or everybody in a company or organization. It is easy to use; just insert the microSD scrambler, install the KingCall application (it is stored on the Scrambler) and you are ready to talk securely. The address book, call and instant messaging history are encrypted and stored inside the microSD scrambler, they cannot be reviewed without your PIN even if the phone or microSD scrambler is stolen or confiscated. (Five invalid PIN attempts and all the scrambler’s information is locked forever). KingCall-Android includes the functionality of KingCall-PC at no extra charge so use it on your mobile when away and on your PC when back at base. Change phones and the microSD scrambler can be moved, by the user, to the new phone (complete with address book, call history etc.)

KingCall-PC: Voice scrambling between private groups of Windows Notebook or Desktop Users for less than $21 per user-month. Users can also communicate with Android Smartphone and Tablet PC Users so KingCall-Android and KingCall-PC users can be in the same private group. Security levels and information protection features are the same as for KingCall-Android.

KingText-SMS: Text scrambling between private groups of Android Smartphone and Tablet PC Users for a onetime charge of $99.  The secure address book, stored messages (sent and received) and personal confidential data are encrypted and stored inside the microSD scrambler; they cannot be reviewed without your PIN even if the phone or microSD scrambler is stolen or confiscated. (Same five PIN attempt rule applies).

All three products are available for immediate shipment. Go-Trust is looking for additional distributors to help handle the escalating demand for the KingCall and KingText products.

About GO-Trust:

GOTrust Technology Inc. (GO-Trust) is a multi-national organization headquartered in Taichung Taiwan with offices in California, Hong Kong and Beijing and distributors in Europe, South America, Korea, Singapore and India. GO-Trust was the innovator of the secure microSD and the first company to deliver products. The company continues its world leading secure microSD innovation with the most powerful and fastest microSD embedded chips and supporting applications.

Note to Editors:

The ‘Military Strength’ Scrambler uses a 32-bit processor with AES256, RSA2048, SHA-256 and Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange; the processor is Common Criteria EAL5+ certified (recognized in 25 countries as a national security level) and the encryption module is NIST certified in the USA.

Contacts (PDT)

GO-Trust: William Holmes 714-658-4445(mobile) williamholmes@go-trust.com

MPoweredPR: 714.998.3448 pr@mpoweredpr.com

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