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By now, I’m sure you’ve seen dozens of headlines like, “OpenAI may have discovered AI so powerful it could end humanity.” While such headlines are sensational, it's important to approach them with a balanced perspective. Humanity is as safe from AI today as it was yesterday. And, it is highly unlikely that (considering all of the other threats to human safety) AI is going to be humanity's undoing any time soon. Continue Reading →

ChatGPT Prompt Frameworks

DALL-E Frames
Prompt crafting is a vital skill for optimizing AI interactions in various professional and personal scenarios, leading to outcomes that are both accurate and aligned with user intent. The following frameworks provide structured approaches to different tasks, each with a specific focus. Continue Reading →

AI Music Generators

AI Music by DALL-E
I just started working on a vast music project that is screaming to be done in partnership with an AI co-arranger, co-orchestrator, co-audio engineer, co-musician(s), co-producer, along with fully automated mixing, mastering, and packaging for distribution. Do all of these functions exist in one AI platform? Here's a list of notable AI music generators: Continue Reading →
Google and Microsoft have unveiled AI add-ons to their respective software suites. “Bard for Google Workspace” and Microsoft’s “Office 365 Copilot” are vying for the attention of businesses and individuals alike. They share a common mission: to elevate collaboration and streamline workflows within their respective ecosystems. I’ve been using both products for a few weeks now. Let’s review. Continue Reading →
man at desk
As AI's capabilities increasingly blur the lines between human originality and machine-generated derivatives, traditional copyright frameworks appear increasingly antiquated. The once-clear demarcations of ownership, originality, and rights are now mired in ambiguity. How might we rewrite today's copyright regulations to enable a future that respects both human ingenuity and the undeniable contributions of generative AI models? Continue Reading →
Top 50 GenAI Apps
Can you rattle off the top 10 generative AI services in order of popularity? You'll probably guess that number one is ChatGPT (and you'll be right). But what's the second most popular generative AI app? Have you used it? Number three? Four? I'm going to guess that you're not as familiar with the most popular generative AI tools as you could be. Continue Reading →
Monochromatic Crowd
Does generative AI pose a threat to the rich tapestry of human expression? Are we on an inevitable path toward digital monoculturalism? This essay was written in the fall of 2016. Considering how quickly generative AI content creation tools and copilots are being woven into the fabric of our lives, now would be a very good time to start thinking about what our human-created cultures truly mean to us. Continue Reading →
American anti-capitalist poster, 1938.
IMAGE: Vintage American anti-capitalist poster, circa 1938. Source: r/antiwork A few years ago, I received an invitation to walk in the Labor Day Parade. It got me thinking about labor law as an alternative path to meaningful data privacy regulation. Today, as we begin to think hard about how to approach AI regulation, I started Continue Reading →
a data center
A prevailing misconception suggests that generative AI platforms, such as ChatGPT, possess an almost mystical ability to provide answers to intricate business queries. "How can I sell more widgets in Wyoming?" seems like a simple question, but without the right data, even the most advanced AI systems won't help you. At the heart of this misconception is an overestimation of AI's capabilities. While generative AI is undeniably powerful, it cannot conjure insights from thin air. The adage "Garbage in, garbage out" remains as relevant as ever. In the context of AI, this translates to "You can't analyze data you don't have." Continue Reading →

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